Hand Engraved Spyderco Knives
Spyderco knives are known for holding their edge and durability in the field.  Our knives start with steel handled Spyderco knives which we smith silver to the front side and the clip.  From there the options are up to you!
  • Knife
    • We offer the following Spyderco models (smallest to largest):
      • Dragonfly
      • Delica (most popular size)
      • Police
      • Endura
  • Cast figures
    • Our cast figures are down by hand using the lost wax casting mething.  Casting allow 3d figures, including dates, to be smithed onto your knife.  For castings consider the material:
      • Gold
      • Bronze
      • Silver
      • Copper
  • Hand cut figures/Banners
    • Scrolls, custom shapes, letters, ect can be cut by hand and smithed onto your buckle.   Banners are cut by hand and then hand routered to add text to your buckle.  Once again, for cut figures figures consider the material:
      • Gold
      • Bronze
      • Silver
      • Copper
      • Gold fill (a thinn layer of gold smithed on top of other material to reduce price, increase the thickness of the cut out, and allow rose, green, or yellow gold to be displayed on top.
  • ​There is a lot to think about!  Take a look at some of the knives below and when you have some ideas shoot us a call or email.  Remeber, since everything is custom and done by hand, you can combine or change things you may like on some of the samples below to make your order your own and exactly how you want it.
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Image Galley - Click to see more knife samples